Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Mood ;)

Let It snow because its Christmas!! Seriously, can't wait for Christmas. Last year didn't have a chance to celebrate Christmas with family in Kampung. Hopefully, this year I'll be home for Christmas! :) Now, Christmas left only 30 days start from today, people. So, get ready for your Christmas dress, Christmas decorations, Christmas recipe and most important get ready your Christmas gifts! Will I get myself a Christmas gift this year? Well, just wait and see. Even If didn't get 1, its ok then. The important thing is not the gift, but the time that we all spent together with families and loved one. Someday, I'll celebrate Christmas with my loved one :) hahaha...So, what's your Christmas wishes and your new year wishes? Wanna know my wishes? hehehe...will tell you all later, ok. For my new year wishes, I hope I'll get a job as soon as I graduate next year and getting my life better..hahaha...Amen! Dear Santa, please grant my wish! I've been good this year. :) 
How will my Christmas this year be?I hope ok la.. hehe...enjoy2 saja..makan-makan kenyangkan perut :) Last week, me and friend went to KL for dress hunting. Really surprise because inside the mall, there are a lot of Christmas trees! It's beautiful and very big... Thought we were at the other country celebrating Xmas...hahaha... Here's some of the pictures...

Isn't it beautiful :)

Xmas tree

Us and the Xmas tree

Christmas trees is everywhere


The biggest Christmas tree in the middle of the Mall

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