Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thought that you are my friend??!!

oh..Hi! I'm back again updating my blog. Today, I just want to share a story about friend... Enjoy reading it and tell me if you felt exactly same like me here...

After all this few years, I thought that we were really friend till the end. But I guess, I was wrong and totally wrong. We're shared all the joy but left me when I was desperate, when I need you all to know that how much I need you all as a friend. Instead of being nice, you chose just to be plastic!! Oh..how I felt ungrateful with it! What?? You stabbed my back?? Now I realized that happened. I told you that not all can be trusted. Don't just simply trust person that you think she is you truly friend till' the end. Friends that will go through with you, no matter you're happy or not! True friend is hard to fine!  Please bear that in mind my PLASTIC FRIENDS!!! So, I guess, we all just act like we need a friend. You might being so nice, because you don't to be left alone when all you friends left you too. Once again, True Friend is really really hard to find!! You know why, because all people are the same. Yes..yes..., people can change but can't you wait she will change and she can became you're truly friend?? How long will you wait just watching she stabbed you from behind? oh...how poor you are...I'm not telling that we should stay alone and cannot making friends, but I guess for those who are already go through the same situation like me, they will understand. Sometimes, trust people with all your heart, will makes you happy and it can make you down. Feel like you're the one that is stupid! Doing things like she said, and makes she's happy. It is hard for her to comfort you like what have you did to her. When you sad and in the difficulties, she just left you behind and never turned her head back to you. So, for those who put their trust with someone she called friend, you have to think twice...

Instead of having those kind of friends, I do have my truly friends. Friends that always stay by my side and they can sang the same song that I sang when I forgot the lyrics. :) Well, we have been friends since secondary school. There are many things we have been through. When I'm happy, they happy too...When one of us sad, we stand by her side and comfort her. That what a friend should do... I'll update with you again later..=)

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